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When Dr. Luciano Zucchetti established OMEZ S.p.A. in 1980, in Gattico, he saw this company, specializing in injection moulding of thermoplastic resins, as a future leader. 
OMEZ was created for contract manufacturing and has since undergone continuous expansion and innovation. Today, thanks to several decades of cooperation with established partners, OMEZ is able to offer a complete service to the customer.
Tradition and demand for the creation of increasingly complete and sophisticated products for corporate customers in the field of taps and fittings has made OMEZ a business that is characterized by high professional know-how and technical knowledge. 
Today, OMEZ can offer a full range of bathroom articles, with a special reference to shower-area items. 
These are available in various styles (classical, modern, minimalist) and are created in a variety of materials (as well as plastic, brass, steel, aluminiu, etc) 
A team-work with young designers and engineering-studios was the final step towards complete products. 
The latest market trends and creative innovations are proposed, but –the main target is to satisfy new requirements of the end user.

A new challenge is on:
The introduction of the new brand MIAGE to give to the market a new idea of shower area, offering coordinated, design, useful and accessible products.
With MIAGE, OMEZ wants to offer crafted but various products….manufactured with attention to details, ensuring a professional service and a reliable, good quality product.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items